Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery. This film will capture, educate and motivate more than the autism community to restore balance to our future generations. 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions and the rates continue to skyrocket. Research has shown similarities in behavioral and dietary issues among a wide range of children with these conditions. Numerous families and practitioners are rediscovering therapies that allow the human body to naturally recover.

          Restoring Balance captures the success of families and practitioners who are drastically transforming the lives of children with autism. The main focus by changing the food and environment they are providing their children. These families are located throughout the United States. Interviews and animations in the documentary take people into the lives and bodies of children with autism, and the way that food is affecting their family’s ability to achieve harmony.

         Biomedical, dietary, environmental interventions are very effective in treating autism spectrum symptoms. Many children, who are changing how they live and what they consume, are performing better in school and social settings. They are experiencing fewer temper tantrums,  gastrointestinal issues, and even seizures. Some have went from non-verbal to being very open communicators!


Actions To take now

⇾ Reduce or best eliminate the typical food allergens; wheat, dairy, corn and soy. These foods not only contribute to inflammation in the GI tract but are typically full of pesticides. These foods are hidden in many items, not to mention cross contamination (processed on same equipment) in others.

⇾ Eliminate processed sugar and reduce starch consumption. Many ASD children are missing the intestinal bacteria to digest starch. Without the proper intestinal flora we can't break down our food into usable nutrients. The byproducts of these undigested items and the molds that end up consuming them instead are very toxic to the body.

⇾ Children on the spectrum have been shown to have elevated levels of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, while having challenges detoxifying. That's why it's vitally important to also keep out foods with artificial colors, or flavorings.  This eventual build-up of toxins also leads to the shutdown and malfunction of vital systems, the body can no longer patrol itself.

⇾ Unplug Wi-Fi and other electronic devices in the home during the night. Get rid of wireless items that are not necessary. Turn cell phone to air plane mode at night, go back to corded home phone, use Ethernet cable to plug into computer.

⇾ Add more fresh fruits and vegetables. Include them on the child's plate even if they say they don't want it. Change isn't expected overnight, move gradually toward healthier choices. Push for a smoothie everyday, smoothies can be used to hide other supplements. Add cultured veggies and coconut products.

⇾ Find an autism specialist, preferably one who is Lyme literate and has experience recovering children with autism. Most doctors don't have the right training, even after they are educated on autism They must constantly research as the ideas unfold rapidly. Find the right practitioner before spending time and money going down that road.

⇾ There can be a lot of supplements at first but the right doctor will tell you that this treatment is not forever. The child may have to take some supplements after the main detox for ongoing support. Some are even able to add back in foods that previously gave them an allergy.

Film crew Mike Magil and Lupe Valdez, with director Ryan Hetrick in Austin, TX.

Film crew Mike Magil and Lupe Valdez, with director Ryan Hetrick in Austin, TX.

“My 11 year old autistic son was ill with abdominal pain for nine months. He wasn’t eating (surviving with Boost through a syringe,) lost 30 pounds, and wouldn’t sleep for days from severe pain. We had him to a prominent local children’s hospital, which put my son through invasive tests (upper GI, colonoscopy,) endless blood draws, stool studies, etc. Infectious disease and GI specialists met with us who both were totally mystified. Our choices were: start over at another children’s hospital five hours away (more invasive testing), or go at this another direction. A few of the basic premises: go organic- no GMO’s- and incorporate safe detox from heavy metals accumulated. My son has been following the diet for five months now- and we can happily report he is pain free! We have our boy back!
— Julie, Parent